The small camera that makes a big difference

  • Teacher, UK High School

    I am more professional when dealing with confrontation and bad behaviour with the camera on. It makes you 10 times calmer.

  • Teacher, UK High School

    We need the cameras to film students to show them, their parents and sometimes the governors or police how they have behaved. Young people can learn if they see themselves.

  • Dr Alex O’Neill-Kerr, Medical Director – Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

    I would say we’ve had a positive experience and  a positive outcome for our patients, and the patients have said so themselves.

  • Staff Nurse - NHS Trust

    I can see nothing but positives from it with recourse to its potential in reducing/deescalating violent incidents.

  • How it works 1

    Record When You Need

    Small body worn camera with front facing screen

  • How it works 2

    Upload to Your Account

    Upload footage to your Calla account to view and manage videos

  • How it works 3

    Manage your videos

    Add notes to a video or edit the incident ID to make it easier to find in search results

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