About us

Calla body camera on health care worker

The technology that drives Calla was developed by people from the very first body worn video system provider in the UK. We have been around for a long time, had first hand insight into how body cameras can positively influence situations and have brought our expertise into building a product designed to be used in workplaces.

Why Body Cameras

Our customers’ experience in the field has taught us that the presence of a body camera in itself can deescalate potentially tense situations. Also when people see themselves being recorded, they tend to calm themselves down. But if a situation does escalate, the user has the confidence that there is a full recording of the incident showing the true account of events.

Calla NHS body camera

Why Calla

It’s not just law enforcement who face situations where body cameras can make a difference. And this is why we’ve brought Calla to the market. Calla is a small, secure body camera with a front facing screen and cloud based video management software service.


Teachers, healthcare staff, retail workers are all regularly in situations where they face disruption or aggression. We wanted to create a body camera coupled with technology that would be suitable for these environments but afford the same features of security and ease of use.


For some, these unwanted situations are beginning to affect their ability to get on with the job and are in turn negatively affecting their experience at work. With Calla, we want to empower people to no longer worry about these situations so that they can focus on what they love – their day to day work.

Calla Teacher body camera