Calla Body Worn Cameras

Calla is a small, secure body camera with a front facing screen and cloud based video management software service for people working in healthcareeducation and retail.


Studies show that when people can see they are being recorded it can help calm them down and avoid conflict, and that’s just what Calla does by de-escalating situations, reducing disruption and recording an independent account of what happened.

Customer Reviews

  • Lindsay Bennett, PMVA Manager - Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

    Using the footage from the Body Worn Cameras has enormous potential to help us prevent incidents and improve how we respond when they do occur as it is a really powerful way of learning.

  • Teacher, UK High School

    We need the cameras to film students to show them, their parents and sometimes the governors or police how they have behaved. Young people can learn if they see themselves.

  • Dr Alex O’Neill-Kerr, Medical Director – Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

    I would say we’ve had a positive experience and  a positive outcome for our patients, and the patients have said so themselves.

  • Staff Nurse - NHS Trust

    I can see nothing but positives from it with recourse to its potential in reducing/deescalating violent incidents.

  • How it works 1

    Record When You Need

    Small body worn camera with front facing screen

  • How it works 2

    Upload to Your Account

    Upload footage to your Calla account to view and manage videos

  • How it works 3

    Manage your videos

    Add notes to a video or edit the incident ID to make it easier to find in search results

Recent News

  • The Use of Body Worn Video Cameras on Mental Health Wards: Results and Implications from a Pilot Study

    The Use of Body Worn Video Cameras on Mental Health Wards: Results and Implications from a Pilot Study


    West London Trust (WLT) have advanced research by conducting their own study to look at some of the implications of the technology, which is available today via open access.

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    NHS staff face "routine assault and intimidation"


    The Guardian has reported that violence against NHS staff is a significant problem, with the latest available annual NHS staff survey revealing that 14.5% of staff said they had experienced physical violence from patients, their relatives or the public. 

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