About Us

The technology that drives Calla body cameras was developed by the same team who produced the very first body worn video system in the UK, Reveal Media. With firsthand insight into how body cameras can positively influence situations, we have brought our expertise into building a product designed to be used in workplaces.

The Challenge

Increasingly, nursing, teaching and retail staff are facing situations at work where body cameras could make a difference.


Official NHS figures* reveal there are over 193 attacks on NHS staff every day in England, with 70,555 recorded incidents in one year and just 2% of incidents resulting in criminal sanctions.


 *NHSBA Physical Assaults on Staff Report 2015-16 

Calla NHS body camera

Why Calla Body Cameras

Body cameras have been proven to deter aggression and provide an independent account of incidents in law enforcement.


Body cameras can:

Calla Teacher body camera

How Calla Can Help

When people see themselves being recorded on Calla’s front facing screen, they tend to calm themselves down.


But if a situation does escalate, the user has the confidence that there is a full recording of the incident showing an independent account of events. The camera therefore isn’t recording all the time, only when the user deems it necessary - in line with agreed policies.


Videos recorded are stored securely on the cloud and can only be accessed by authorised users.


Working with Calla

We understand that setting up a new technology can be challenging. This is why we want to make sure that you get the most out of our Calla solution.


We work closely with customers to ensure we help set up a successful body camera programme; which includes meeting with service users and stakeholders to explain the benefits and training staff.


Our experience in this sector enables us to assist you in considering appropriate policies, including how long you should keep the videos for, permission settings, user roles etc. Our aim is to provide a collaborative service, to make sure our customers have the best possible experience with body worn video. We pride ourselves on building long-term, effective partnerships.


Find out more about our work with Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust