Body cameras in Theatres

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Can Body Cameras Make a Difference in Theatres?


Body cameras have been proven to deter aggression and provide an independent account of incidents for Police across the country. But it’s not just law enforcement who face situations where body cameras can make a difference. Nurses, teachers and retail staff are also regularly in situations where they face disruption or aggression. And the problem is getting worse.


Phill Brown Head of Risk and Safety for the Society of London Theatre and UK theatre says that Theatres have not escaped the trend across retail. “The challenges facing theatres today are probably quite similar to retail with increasing levels of violence and aggression towards staff.


As a result, some West End theatres have trialled body cameras to see if they can help make a difference and protect staff.


“So, we've developed a partnership with Calla and introduced body cameras to tackle some of the problems within theatres.” Brown said.


“Obviously, there are other cameras on the market, but this is a body camera that we feel is discreet and looked professional. Staff don’t feel it’s intrusive but see it now as part of their uniform and as a result feel more supported and more motivated.


“Currently the cameras are being used mainly to de-escalate potential incidents. That’s when the cameras come in to their own. The usher will be the first person to try to resolve a situation with the camera on, and if that doesn’t work then venues have protocols to call a senior manager. The management feel more empowered too. If they have to face a dangerous situation, they've got an additional tool that will support them. 


“We have seen in some of the reports from the pilots that people have backed down, calmed down and walked away from situations. I think just the fact that people can see themselves behaving in an unpleasant way can sometimes be enough to calm people down and de-escalate themselves to actually walk away from the situation before it turns into something more significant.


“So, I think body cameras can make a difference “.