Case Studies

At Calla, we want our products and services to make a genuine difference in the lives of the people who use them. Here are a few stories from professionals just like you who have been using Calla every day and the difference it’s made to them.

South Hampshire School

A school in South Hampshire prides itself on fostering a culture of high standards, expectations and aspirations but operates in an area that experiences a significant amount of behavioural issues, reflected in the highest exclusion rates in Hampshire for both primary and secondary. With limited local alternative provision, the result is regular incidents of external anti-social behaviour affecting the school and the community.

To help address these challenges, the school deployed Calla body cameras on key staff members to deter bad behaviour and capture video evidence that could be passed on to the police to help prosecute offenders. We spoke with their Deputy Head Teacher about what difference Calla body cameras have made to the school and community.

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Body Cameras in Healthcare

Healthcare is often considered a vocation - a calling to help people. Jobs can mean long hours, making hard decisions on the spot and a generally stressful profession.

When you add unwarranted aggression into the mix, it can become quite debilitating for healthcare workers. Find out how Calla is making a difference .


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Body Cameras in Education

Teachers work hard to prepare exciting lessons but can get waylaid by annoying low level disruption and unruly behaviour.

Learn how Calla is empowering teachers to remain in control and providing a true record of incidents.


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Body Cameras in Retail

Retailers love to have their shop floors buzzing with prospective customers but retail can definitely be trying at times – and not just on Black Friday.

Read on to see how Calla empowers retail staff.

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