Body Cameras in Education

Calla Teacher body camera

Body Cameras For Schools

Body cameras have proven to be a valuable tool in a number of industries including healthcare, where both patients and staff feel safer and more confident as a result of their use. 

We think body cameras could make a positive difference in schools by enhancing the existing use of video recordings though CCTV. Body cameras can be more effective than CCTV at protecting staff from aggression and violence by displaying footage in real time on the front facing screen. This has been shown to alter behaviour and deter aggression as it makes it clear a recording is taking place. Body cameras also record sound, which is not picked up by other static cameras, and is often vital in capturing an accurate snapshot of the atmosphere and intensity of incidents.

We have run a number of successful pilots in schools and PRUs in the UK and are looking for more schools who may find the technology useful.

Could body cameras make a difference to your school? Contact us to learn more.

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