Calla helps medics on bikes

Calla helps medics on bikes


Andrew Morrison from the Central Medical Support Group has spoken about their experiences with Calla at the Velo Birmingham Cycle Race, where they provided a Cycle Response Unit to competitors. Here's what he had to say:

"We’ve been looking for a suitable body worn video camera for some time now for our Cycle Response Units. As lone workers we have a duty of care to protect them in any way possible during the course of their duties. The main disadvantage to lone working on a bicycle compared to a car is you don’t have a steel box you can lock yourself in and drive off if things turn nasty. If you are faced with conflict as a Cycle Response Unit clinician when you are on-scene you need to de-escalate it quickly. In addition to this as a cyclist you are very vulnerable on the road and unfortunately some people have a very low opinion of all cyclists. They can have no regard for your safety and wish to seek a confrontation or complain about your cycling, especially when claiming exemptions responding to an emergency.

"Body worn cameras offer a visual deterrent to people who may wish to complain about or seek conflict with ambulance/medical staff. However very few people are this way and the vast majority of people we see and help have no wish to threaten or harm us, but when faced with that situation the ability to calm someone because they can see they are being recorded is invaluable.

"The existing products on the market are very bulky and ‘in-your-face’ being primarily designed for the Police and Security. We needed a compact, lightweight and discreet camera for our staff. We found Calla at the Emergency Services Show at the NEC in Birmingham and were instantly impressed with its small size and subtle design. The range of interchangeable clips and fastenings for the camera was outstanding. For ourselves the klickfast stud was the clip of choice as it is the standard carrying solution for emergency services radios and other ancillary equipment. It was also nice to see that despite its compact size it has kept the familiar ‘slide to record’ switch seen on its larger counterparts. There’s no array of small fiddly buttons to press in order to turn the camera on and record.   

"We trialled the cameras with our Cycle Response Unit at the Velo Birmingham Cycle Race. The cameras clipped onto the shoulder klickfast docks on the hi-vis equipment vests the team wear. We were very impressed with the quality of the video footage, audio quality and the wide angle the camera gave. Even facing into the sun the camera still gave a good picture.  The devices were so light you couldn’t feel you were wearing one. The discreetness of the camera was proven in the fact very few people noticed we were wearing cameras unless they were turned on with the display and recording light illuminated. The devices could be easily charged anywhere with a USB charger, no charging pods to lug around. The camera was also very easy to turn off and on whilst on the move which was a big plus for us.

"We will definitely be investing in the Calla cameras for our team and will be looking at different areas we can introduce the cameras into."

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