How Body Cameras Are Being Used To Enhance Teaching And Learning

How Body Cameras Are Being Used To Enhance Teaching And Learning


The Education sector is identifying body worn camera technology as a means to improve teaching and learning by deploying them on teachers to record lessons. The footage can then be used to help train staff and provide feedback to students.

Scott Hayden, Digital Innovation Specialist at Basingstoke College of Technology has introduced Calla body cameras to the college with the aim of enhancing learning.

Hayden said “We started to think about how we could use them in a more innovative way to enhance teaching and learning.

“We're thinking about using them for showing good practice of a teacher in the classroom; showing what good questioning, formative assessment tools, techniques and methods look like from a teacher who is actually demonstrating them. And if I'm a trainee teacher watching that from the perspective of a great teacher, that's quite useful.”

Emma Bartley is a Lecturer at Basingstoke College and has been using the Calla camera to capture demonstrations which can then be reviewed by students to revise technique.

Bartley said “It’s a very easy piece of technology to use. When our digital leader talked to me through it, it was literally on-off, start-stop to record. It’s very easy to use and video can be captured and then uploaded very easily.”

Bartley also noted the potential for using the cameras to help students reflect on their own performances. She added “I can't see why it couldn't be used really successfully in giving students feedback; giving them praise on something that went really well.”

As Digital Innovation Specialist for the College, Scott Hayden is always on the lookout for new technologies that could benefit staff and students. He concludes that the cameras have made a positive difference in the college, with the future of the technology in education looking promising.

He explained “We've seen the Calla cameras improve teaching and learning in particular by employing them as a tool to capture demonstrations. Because of the size, durability and malleability of the tool, what it can be potentially used for is exciting. I think other educators should consider it as a way to capture evidence.” 

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