NHFT shortlisted for national patient safety award with cameras

NHFT shortlisted for national patient safety award with cameras


NHFT has been shortlisted for a prestigious Patient Safety Award based on their use of Calla body worn cameras on mental health wards.

In 2017, the Trust trialled the use of body worn cameras on wards, as a way of keeping patients and staff safer.

The reasons for the study included national concerns over abuse in care settings and evidence that police forces using them had seen significant reductions in both complaints against them and their use of force.

Before the study started the Trust put people first by asking staff and in-patients for their views, 98% were supportive of the idea.

The 12 cameras were trialled by 60 staff for three months across five wards and feedback was collected from staff and patients via focus groups and questionnaires.

83% of patients felt the cameras were of benefit, describing the main positives as things like safety for everyone, respect for staff and accurate recording.

Staff feedback included: “I think it prevents lots of aggression and puts patients’ minds at ease knowing there is a record of what happened.”

The next stage is a presentation to the judges in London in May with the final announcement being made at the ceremony in Manchester on July 9.

Good luck NHFT!

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