NHS bosses need to address 'alarming' bullying of hospital staff

NHS bosses need to address 'alarming' bullying of hospital staff


The Independent has reported that abuse and harassment is taking place “every day” within the NHS – with ethnic minority staff in the firing line far more than their white colleagues.

Almost 30 per cent of NHS staff said they had been bullied by patients or their families in the past year, with 25 per cent reporting abuse by other workers.

The findings mean that hundreds of thousands of NHS workers are suffering bullying or victimisation, in an organisation that employs 1.2 million people in England alone.

Calla body cameras are being used in several hospitals across England to protect staff from physical and verbal aggression.

Feedback from a study at Berrywood Hospital, Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, included:

“I think it prevents lots of aggression and puts patients’ minds at ease knowing there is a record of what happened.”

“I have seen a few occasions where the incident had deescalated and believe this to have been helped by the camera being turned on.”

"I can see nothing but positives from it with recourse to its potential in reducing/ deescalating violent incidents.”

Learn more about how Calla is making a difference to the NHS here


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