Number of assaults against Dorset NHS trust staff by patients rise

Number of assaults against Dorset NHS trust staff by patients rise


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Staff working for Dorset HealthCare Trust were attacked 74 times by patients in April, according to latest figures.

Last month saw the highest level of reports in the last two years – a period which has seen an average of 48 incidents a month recorded.

One, which saw a trust employee assaulted by someone brought in from police custody, was deemed to be violent enough that the incident will be subject to a ‘serious incident investigation’.

A report published for the trust’s May board meeting, says that three patients who were “acutely unwell” were involved in 26 of the reported cases.

Calla is a small camera that makes a big difference to NHS staff who wear it. Calla cameras are now being used in a number of NHS Trusts around the UK. 

Berrywood Hospital are one such Trust, who recently published a paper that outlines posiitve feedback from using body cameras in an inpatient setting, which included the following feedback from their staff:

 “I think it prevents lots of aggression and puts patients’ minds at ease knowing there is a record of what happened.”

“I have seen a few occasions where the incident had deescalated and believe this to have been helped by the camera being turned on.”

“I am fully in support of the technology being used permanently in the future."

 "I can see nothing but positives from it with recourse to its potential in reducing/ deescalating violent incidents.”

 “Initially sceptical, however can see that body worn cameras have had a positive impact on both patients and staff.”

See how Calla body cameras are helping Berrywood Hospital here

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